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Latest BC Soccer Updates for Youth Soccer

Whistler Youth Soccer Association is watching the provincial soccer association closely for updates, with plans to start offering soccer programming as soon as possible. The province will need to approve a plan that maintains COVID-19 restrictions at Phase 2 and Phase 3, which is expected soon.

This is the last release from BC Soccer:

As BC’s Health Authority began exploring the process of easing restrictions in our province and the government rolled out its Restart Plan, BC Soccer has been working hard on a return to play plan that satisfies current health restrictions.

In the last few days, the process of approving that plan, has changed.  Initially, BC Soccer (and other Provincial Sports Organizations) was working under the expectation that the health authorities within the BC Government would be approving the plans, prior to implementation.  On Monday, new information was received indicating this will not be the case.

At the same time, we were also made aware that Canada Soccer will be revealing new details regarding the suspension of soccer activity and the process to return to modified soccer.

Risk and insurance are important factors as we move forward. As the Provincial Governing Body, BC Soccer must be completely open and transparent with our members and affiliated clubs, with respects to potential risk.

As an added step, BC Soccer, with the assistance of our legal counsel, has updated its participant waivers, and we anticipate receiving further guidance from Canada Soccer on the return to play plan over the coming days.

On April 15th, BC Soccer extended the Suspension of Soccer Activity to May 15th, and with that date now approaching, and until we have government and Canada Soccer reviews, a continuation of the suspension will be in effect for the short-term.   We are not establishing a hard date or deadline, but instead working diligently to complete the processes and maintain dialogue with Canada Soccer, Via Sport, and our membership, as the health situation evolves.

We all have reason to be optimistic in BC, thanks to the work our Health Authorities have undertaken, and BC Soccer is hopeful that our current circumstances and careful planning will mean a return to the pitch sooner than later.

If you are interested to read more information, please CLICK HERE to review our most recent memo to the members and affiliated clubs.