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Complaint - NO cleats inside at MP

Posted by WYSC Administration at Sep 18, 2012 3:32PM PDT ( 1 Comment )

WYSC has been contacted by RMOW staff from the Myrtle Philip Community Centre.

There have been players entering and leaving the building with grassy/dirty cleats on, leaving a huge mess in the corridors and bathrooms.

Anytime that players have practice at MP fields it is an outdoor practice only…..we do not have access to the indoor facilities when we have a field booking.

If you need to change or use the washrooms you need to use the Washroom Shed on the Lower Fields.

If for ANY reason you need to access the MP Community Centre before or after a soccer practice you MUST NOT WEAR CLEATS INSIDE.

Please ensure your player is aware of the rules

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Meadows Field is in Pemberton

Posted by WYSC Administration at Sep 13, 2012 3:36PM PDT ( 1 Comment )

If Meadows Field is listed as your field location on the SYSA Schedule your game is in Pemberton.

The Old Community Centre Fields (on Pemberton Meadows Road) in Pemberton has changed its name to Meadows Field.

Check “Field Locations and Directions” on the lefthand side links menu for complete information and maps for field names and locations.

MP = Myrtle Philip
WHS = Whistler High School/Whistler Secondary Schoo

All fields on the SYSA Fall Schedule listed as #1 thru #10 are played at the Brennan Park Fields in Squamish.

Meadows Field = NEW NAME for the Old Community Centre Fields on Pemberton Meadows Road, Pemberton. Do not park in the bus garage, rather in the lot beside it. The old buildings have been demolished.

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QU Academy - Fall Development Program

Posted by WYSC Administration at Sep 11, 2012 9:44AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The QU Soccer Academy would like to announce details on our;

2012 Fall Development Program (U7 – U15 Boys and Girls)

This is a 10-session development program running in the Fall for players aged U7 – U15. Typically, sessions will take place on a Monday evening, running for 90 minutes. The curriculum focuses on developing individual players technical attributes and tactical awareness through a variety of soccer development topics such as passing, dribbling, 2v1 attacking play etc.

Date: October 1st – December 3rd (Monday)
Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Cost: $185

To Register or for more information please click on the link below.

(Spaces are limited) Some WYSC members have already registered, so be quick!

We look forward to seeing you on the field!

Schedules for the Squamish Fall League games for U11-U18 have been released

You can find them on the Squamish Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) website under the House Schedules tab on the right hand side

All games that are listed as WhistlerPemberton on the schedule will be updated as soon as possible with actual location and time.

Games to be played in Whistler or Pemberton on Sat 8th September are as follows:

KEY: MP Myrtle Philip Lower Field
PSS Pemberton Secondary School
WHS Whistler High School

Game# Day Date Home Away Field Time

3 Sat 8-Sep U14Boys#08_Pemberton#1 U14Boys#06_Whistler#1 MP 7 12:45

4 Sat 8-Sep U14Boys#07_Whistler#2 U14Boys#09_Pemberton#2 MP 8 12:45

5 Sat 8-Sep U11Boys#12_Pemberton#1 U11Boys#10_Whistler#2 MP 7A 14:45

6 Sat 8-Sep U11Boys#09_Whistler#1 U11Boys#13_Pemberton#2 MP 7B 14:45

3 Sat 8-Sep U18Boys#06_Pemberton#1 U18Boys#05_Whistler#1 WHS 13:00:00

4 Sat 8-Sep U11Girls#08_Whistler#2 U11Girls#10_Pemberton#1 PSS 11:30:00

5 Sat 8-Sep U11Girls#09_Whistler#3 U11Girls#11_Pemberton#2 PSS 11:30:00

3 Sat 8-Sep U14Girls#05_Whistler#2 U14Girls#07_Pemberton#1 PSS 13:00:00

4 Sat 8-Sep U14Girls#06_Whistler#3 U14Girls#08_Pemberton#2 PSS 15:00:00

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Availability - 2012/2013 Season

Posted by WYSC Administration at Aug 30, 2012 10:05PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

U7 Boys & Girls – space available. Sign up by clicking the Registration tab ASAP.

U9 Boys & Girls – space available. Sign up by clicking the REGISTRATION tab ASAP.

U11 Boys – 3 teams x 13 players – FULL – email to be put on the waitlist in case space becomes available.

U11 Girls – 3 teams x 12 players – ONLY 3 spaces left – email to be put on the waitlist in case space becomes available.

U13 Boys Travel Team – selected players from Tryouts have been advised by email.

U14 Boys – space available. Sign up by clicking the REGISTRATION tab ASAP.

U14 Girls – 3 teams x 17 players – ONLY 1 space left

U18 Girls – 1 team x 20 – FULL – players are welcome to join and practice with team but will be unable to play Fall League games.

U18 Boys 1 team x 20 max. WANTED 8 players
Sign up by clicking the REGISTRATION tab ASAP.

2012-2013 Annual Registration
Division // Year of Birth
U7 - 2006, 2007
U9 - 2004, 2005
U11 - 2002, 2003
U14 - 1999, 2000, 2001
Senior (U18) -1995, 1996, 1997, 1998