2015-16 Rep Team Try-Outs

Posted by WYSC Administration on Feb 19 2015 at 11:23AM PST in 2014-2015 Season

WYSC will be holding its rep teams try outs for next season as per the schedule below. All U12 to U18 players (girls and boys) from Pemberton, Squamish, and Whistler are invited to participate

Due to the growing demand for year round soccer opportunities and the success of this past season with 3 girls and 1 boys rep team WYSC will continue to offer the opportunity of rep teams registered in the lower mainland leagues.

Again this year, the emphasis will be on fun and flexibility!

To make it easier for coaches, parents and players to participate in a rep team, the club has made some modifications to the rules associated with rep teams as follows:
• A rep team can be created from any age group if numbers permit
• No divisions or age groups have been selected yet, nor coaches assigned
• Depending on the players available, teams will be registered in the appropriate age group and at the appropriate level, ranging from bronze to gold
• Players participating in other sports will be permitted to miss one training session per week and some games as well, allowing them to pursue their other passions or activities
• In order to free up some weekends for players and families, only 14 players per team will travel to play games. Players can volunteer to stay home for certain weekends, and/or be rotated from week to week as necessary
• Mid-week practice sessions will be run by head coach Phil Melun, and technical directors Mark Freeman and Hana Kratochvilova. They will be joined by rep team coaches as well. This format will allow the greatest exposure to a wide variety of coaching styles and techniques.
• Soccer training will follow the BC soccer LTPD guidelines in order to maximize player development

Our club and technical team are very excited to have the opportunity to form teams to play against other clubs in the lower mainland. We’d really like to have the greatest number of kids enjoying a fun and exciting soccer season…….creating lasting memories and team spirit, without any pressure. Our goal is simply to keep soccer fun, while giving our players the best training we can.

Interested players and parents with questions or wanting to see what Rep Teams are all about are requested to attend the following tryout sessions:

4:30-5:30pm – Current U11 (2004), U12 (2003), U13 (2002) Boys
5:30-6:30pm – Current U14 (2001), U15 (2000), U16 (1999) Boys

WEEK #2 – Friday 13th March (not 12th as originally advised) GIRLSSPRING CREEK COMMUNITY SCHOOL GYM
4:30-5:30pm – Current U12 (2003), U13 (2002), U14 (2001) Girls
5:30-6:30pm – Current U15 (2000), U16 (1999), U18 (1998, 1997) Girls

(Indoor shoes required, bring cleats in case we are able to get outdoors too)

Parent Information Session with Philippe Melun (WYSC Head Coach) will be at the beginning of each time slot for approx 15mins. Come find out what is involved etc.

Please email Phil if you have any questions or are unable to attend on


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