Whistler Spirit Run....Enter now.....

Posted by Whistler Youth Soccer Club on Sep 18 2013 at 06:27PM PDT in 2013-2014 Season

Whistler Spirit Run – a great team building, cross training and fundraising event!

The Whistler Spirit Run is a one-day cross-country and trail running event that takes place at Whistler Olympic Park and features something for everyone. Come out and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Callaghan Valley and know that your participation is helping to build healthier communities right here in British Columbia.

WYSC is fortunate to have been offered a rebate of the registration fee on every club member that participates in this event!!

SO, gather your parents, team mates and friends and come out and enjoy this great event.

Full event information is here:

12noon 2km Elementary School Students, 12 & Under $12 per runner
12:30pm 3Km Junior High School Students, 15 & Under $12 per runner
1:15pm 4Km Senior High School Students, Girls 17 & Under $12/runner
1:15pm 5Km Senior High School Students, Boys 15 & Under $12/runner
2:00pm 1Km Family Fun Run – Free
2:30pm 8Km 4 × 2K Relay – $30 per team

Parents and coaches please encourage your players to enter this event with their WYSC team mates/friends.

ANY parent can organize a group of WYSC members to participate……….

To Enter it’s Easy………

1/ Any parent or coach can RSVP their groups details to:
Name of each runner
Date of birth of each runner
Event you are entering
(Parents are able to run with kids on the course of the event that has been selected if they wish, entry fee applies per runner and per adult)

2/ Collect entry fee from each runner that has rsvp’d, check in and make full payment for your group upon arrival at WOP.

There is no limit to the number of runners and parents that can be entered………the more the merrier so get your kids excited to participate in this event and RSVP ASAP and make this event a great success!

Email if you have any questions.


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