Support the Artificial Turf Field Project - Tues 28 Feb 4-7pm

Posted by Whistler Youth Soccer Club on Feb 21 2017 at 01:41PM PST in 2016-2017

Dear WYSC members,

A quick reminder to save the date for the upcoming RMOW 2017 Budget Community Meeting on Tuesday 28 February, 4-7pm at MY Place.

Wear your sports jerseys and all parents, players, coaches are requested to attend from 5-6pm for the presentation. If you can come earlier or stay later that is great too.

To find out more about the Artificial Turf Project please read the following Field User Group Presentation – Feb 2017 that outlines many reasons why it is so important for our whole community.

Field User Group Presentation – Feb 2017

A Quick Summary as follows:

1. The RMOW should invest in community assets. Leading up to the Olympics and since the Olympics the vast majority of investments have been in tourism infrastructure. This is an opportunity to invest in our permanent local community.

2. Current sports fields need to be replaced. Our fields are in a state of disrepair. Like any other asset, sports fields get old and need to be replaced. It’s not surprising these 20 year old assets need to be replaced now, having had no significant repairs to date.

3. Current field user hours are well beyond their capacity. There is a massive misconception in the community that current fields are under-utilized… nothing could be further from the truth. The RMOW has had to move youth soccer off of the fields to play on baseball diamonds.

4. Replacement cost of the fields with grass or artificial turf are very similar. Replacement cost of the sports fields with a grass turf pitch would be similar in price and we would get 1/4 of the amount of user hours compared to an AT field.

5. An artificial turf field will save the RMOW in operating costs… every year. Field users of artificial turf are typically “user pay” so operations will be cost recovery method.

6. An artificial turf field has the ability to extend the field sports season by up to 3 months and 300 hours of evening play. The RMOW could build another 10 grass fields and not add those months and those hours because the useable season/day remains unchanged. 1 artificial turf field delivers what 10 or 100 grass fields will never deliver……… a longer day and a longer season.

7. There are lots of field users in Whistler! The WYSC club is the largest youth club in Whistler, however there are at least another 11 sports groups that use the fields. An AT Field would benefit the whole community.

8. User groups will fund raise to support the Artificial Turf Field Project.

Thank you on behalf of WYSC Board

Any questions please contact WYSC Administrator, Mitch

The document Field User Group Presentation - Feb 2017 was attached to this post.


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