Thank you Coaches - 2nd National Coach Week 17-25 Sept

Posted by Whistler Youth Soccer Club on Sep 19 2016 at 09:09AM PDT in 2016-2017

Coaching the coaches: Head coach Mark Freeman with the U8 coaches at the first Saturday practice of the season.

“Thanks Coaches!”: It’s Your Week

Some may say that there are times when coaching can be a thankless job — when the alarm clock buzzes far too early on a Saturday morning, when the rain is coming down sideways, when the kids aren’t paying attention, when the parents are adding their two cents from the sidelines.

And yet every year the volunteers keep coming back for more.

When asked this week, Whistler Youth Soccer Club coaches gave a number of reasons about why they coach. They do it to spend more time with their kids; they do it because they loved playing soccer as a kid and want to pass on that love to their own kids; they do it because it’s fun; they do it because it’s great to be part of a team.

This week — September 17-25 — marks the second annual National Coaches Week described as: “a week to celebrate the tremendous positive impact coaches have on athletes and communities across Canada. This week is an opportunity to recognize coaches for the integral role they play by simply saying #ThanksCoach.”

“The coaches play such an important role in an athlete’s life,” says Tami Mitchell, manager of sport development at Whistler Sport Legacies. “Some athletes spend more time with their coaches than their parents. It’s a huge job.”
And let’s not forget, adds Mitchell, all the support staff too in every club.

Roughly 35 people have signed up as volunteer coaches for the soccer club this year. They join the handful of coaches who are paid by the club. These men and women are the glue that holds the club together.

Without them, there would be no club soccer — no Saturday morning practices, no Thanksgiving tournaments, no community jamborees.

In the spirit of National Coaches Week, Whistler Sport Legacies is offering subsidized coaching courses throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor. The courses are $10 this week.

Mitchell says it’s a huge investment for coaches to stay up to date; this is one way of saying thanks.
The courses are all multi-sport modules that can be applied to any sport, from learning about fundamental movement skills to planning a practice.

Check out more at or email Tami Mitchell at

And this week don’t forget to say a special “Thanks Coach!” to all the coaches out there.


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