Young Bloods Rise to Challenge in Men's League

Posted by WYSC Administration on Jun 21 2016 at 08:13AM PDT in 2015-2016

Four members of the Whistler Youth Soccer Club were called up to a men’s league at the last minute recently and they did not disappoint.

Noam Steele, Goro Toyoshima, Aidan O’Heany and Fraser Doak, all 16 years old, rose to the challenge in the match pitting Whistler FC against the North Vancouver Pirates who play with the Northshore Men’s League.

“I can’t really praise them enough to be honest,” said club coach Dale Barker. “They contributed a lot.
“They made us all play with a bit more fun as well.”
The game took place on Sunday June 12 at Confederation Park in North Vancouver.

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The Whistler men’s team has been struggling of late to find enough players for their games. Last weekend they called on some young prospects from the Whistler Youth Soccer Club (WYSC).

As Sunday’s game got underway, the team worked to find a rhythm with the young players.

By the end of the first half, when the game was tied up 1-1, the Whistler team was starting to find its way.

The young foursome had a greater impact on the second half of the game.

Steele was again causing problems early in the second half and won a penalty, which he took. The ball rolled past the keep to give Whistler a 2-1 lead.

Barker put Whistler on the board next and then it was more fancywork from the young bloods with Toyoshima scoring a “superb volley” from an excellent pass from Kip Squier, making it 4-1.

The Pirates answered back with two goals.

Steele topped off the game with the final goal making it 5-3 for Whistler.

The match report stated:
“It was a sublime goal to end a game where these boys showed they are more than capable playing with men as well as against them.”

They four youth players were all involved in the team’s passing and stood their own against the opposition despite the age difference.

“They’ve obviously been trained,” said Barker. “They know what they’re doing, which is great… It’s the energy they brought to the game and the skill.”

Stay tuned for more on these young players coming up through the Whistler Youth Soccer Club.


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