Happy Father's Day Coaching Dads!!

Posted by WYSC Administration on Jun 19 2016 at 05:15PM PDT in 2015-2016

To all the dad coaches

On this Father’s Day the Whistler Youth Soccer Club would like to give a special shout out to all the dad coaches who keep our club running.

Without them we wouldn’t be able to offer the kind of training and fun which is an integral part of our club.

So, thanks dad coaches — Thanks for showing up for early morning practices on your days off, with smiles on your faces.

Thanks for tying all those loose shoelaces. Thanks for finding all the missing shin pads first thing on a Saturday morning when you could have been sleeping in. Thanks for keeping spirits up when the rain is pelting down.

Thanks for the cheers over a goal or a good pass and thanks for all the encouragement during those tough games.

But most of all dad coaches… thanks for showing up week in and week out. Happy Father’s Day!

Read on to hear what some of the kids say about having their dad as a coach.

What’s the best thing about having your dad as a coach?

Gabe Armistead of dad Pete: “I like when it he throws the ball high in the air (and shouts “Heads Everybody!)”

Lexi Hanson of dad Andrew: “I like that he helps everyone play soccer and he takes me for hot chocolate after practice.”

Emily and Zoe of dad Jason: “I get to hug him a lot and he lets us do fun stuff.” – Zoe
“That I don’t need to get carpooled to games and so I get to spend more time with him.” – Emily

Liv of dad Jer: “He teaches us good stuff to do with the ball like ‘Clean your Room’ and ‘Mr. Wolf.’”


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