Weekly Soccer Update (Mon 13 Sep - Sun 20 Sept)

Posted by Whistler Youth Soccer Club on Sep 15 2015 at 10:34PM PDT in 2015-2016

Welcome back to soccer! If you were not at soccer on the first Saturday, please CHECK-IN at the sheds for team assignment and jersey issue this week (Mon-Wed 4-6pm) or on Saturday 19 September at Myrtle Philip from 9-5pm BEFORE joining your group.

A huge shout out to the volunteer angels that stepped in and helped make a crazy day run as smoothly as possible…………Many thanks to Leanne Turkington, Liane Bedard, Cindy Huxtable, Audra Williams and Erin Crawford……your help was much appreciated!

Myrtle Philip Shed OPENING HOURS
For payments, uniform orders, jersey hand out etc.
Saturday 12 September 9-5pm
Monday 14 – Wed 16 Sept 4-6pm
Saturday 19 Sept 9-5pm

• Shin pads are MANDATORY for all players during practices AND games

• All players (and parents) are responsible for helping clear up equipment after practices and games

• If any U12 and older players have blue shorts that they are no longer using, please bring them to the shed as a donation. We are out of stock and new players can re-use these.

• U12 Girls schedule has been updated with some TIME CHANGES. Please check the updated schedule which is now posted online

U12 Boys – Teams are still being finalized and will be emailed asap, HOWEVER all teams play at the same time/location this coming Saturday 19 September, (arrive 12:15 for 12:45pm kickoff at MP fields)

Photo Day was earmarked for this Sat 19 September however the weather forecast does not look promising so we will look at Sat 26 September instead. A reminder and instructions will be sent when Photo Day is confirmed.

Coaching – If you are interested in coaching please email it’s not too late to sign up! *There is a Coaching Clinic this Sat 19 Sept 2-5pm at MP for U6-U10 coaches.

1/ Dogs MUST be leashed and away from players during soccer practices and games. Again this year we saw an obscene number of balls damaged and thrown away due to being punctured by dogs.

2/ BIKES and STROLLERS/CHARIOTS should be left parked away from field playing areas.

3/ Assist with clearing equipment from fields at the end of practice sessions. We have a lot of equipment to setup/pack up, so if everyone pickups a couple of things it is quick and easy. (Check with coaches if you are not sure what needs to be done).

4/ Balls OFTEN get kicked into the forest….. if you see any, please retrieve them! If you see a player kick a ball into the forest, please encourage them to go and get it…..this is the standard rule on field, so your help to encourage this practice helps remind them what is appropriate.

5/ NO SPECTATORS are to be in the area between the 2 half fields when set up for U12 games. This space is reserved for players, coaches and referees ONLY.

Parents and spectators are to be on the outside edge of the field. Please help by reminding others that this rule applies and go to the outside edge so that coaches and referees don’t have to ask you to move.
The coaches need to coach, the referees need to referee and parents need watch from the outer edge of the field, so the narrow strip between the fields is not congested.

U10 DIVISION on Saturdays – REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE from all players and parents

Please note that AFTER your Saturday morning session which ends at 12:15pm, PLEASE ASSIST COACHES TO REMOVE ALL GOALS, BALLS AND CONES from the fields and back to the sheds.

The fields need to be cleared and reset for U12 Games AND a U13 Boys REP Game with a team arriving from the city to play, so we need help from everyone to make sure this happens quickly.

Please ensure that you complete the request from ePact (which has been emailed and will be re-emailed until it has been completed) and update all your players contact and emergency information. This is the ONLY way we will be able to contact you if there is an incident ON FIELD and your player needs medical assistance.

SCAT 3 Baseline Testing Opportunity
Previously the club offered testing on field with a qualified Baseline tester, however we are now working with Back In Action Physiotherapy and testing will be completed in the clinic.
Back In Action Physiotherapy offers a tiered screening service and are qualified to offer all tests and can help you decide what is best for your player.
Call Back In Action Physiotherapy directly to book an appointment.
Address: 119-4368 Main St, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4
Phone: (604) 962-0555
****Having valuable data collected annually in the event of a concussion is an extremely valuable tool and will assist with your recovery process****

If you are interested in watching some higher level soccer games and supporting one of our rep teams, the following home game times apply over the next few weekends. Teams will travel to Whistler to play.
U13 Boys REP S2S – Stormers Saturdays 2:30pm Kickoff
U14Girls REP S2S – Rapids Sunday 12noon Kickoff
U16Girls REP S2S-Strikers Sunday 12noon kickoff
U15Girls REP S2S-United Sunday 2:15pm Kickoff
U18Girls REP S2S-Lightning Sunday 2:15pm Kickoff


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